Eclipse California offers rewarding marketing careers in Anaheim, including top business management jobs in California. Our team is dedicated to fostering professional growth and development while providing ample opportunities for personal and career advancement. We celebrate our associates' hunger for growth and nurture it in various ways, ensuring they quickly become leaders in their fields. Though our associates at Eclipse California are driven towards a goal, we always find ample time to bond with our teammates and help them reach their full potential.

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Experience Success Through Individualized Learning

When a recruit signs up with us, they receive theoretical knowledge and avail of the extensive experience in the industry through our celebrated managers. We believe in implementing the latest marketing techniques, rather than following outdated manuals. We assist people with their growth by providing them with the individualized attention that enhances knowledge and boosts confidence.

Kayla Adams

“Personally I think that this is one of those businesses which is a perfect fit for people who have an entrepreneurial mindset. This isn't for people who just want to skate by in life. Management actually cares enough about their employees to push them to their ultimate potential and I love that. The team that they have in the office are all about strong mentorship and support. They're really worth a chance if you're tired of the same old 9-5 boring job.”

Kayla Adams

Ongoing Support Creates the Path to Prosperity

We promote an atmosphere that builds people up rather than put them down. We are incredibly supportive of new talent and go out of our way to eliminate any barrier that prevents them from achieving greatness. We only expect them to nurture our recruits as a gesture of gratitude. We feel this allows new hires to adjust to our work environment swiftly and comfortably.

Mike West

Best leadership I've seen in a company hands down.

I started with the company only a few weeks ago and I've had nothing but a positive experience with everything and everyone since I've been here. The CEO is VERY involved in his business, there's a ton of hands on training and development. I love coming in to work every morning and I've never had that feeling before. It is somewhat of a sales position at the beginning (and I've never done sales) but I was very impressed at how simple the sales process was and how quickly I picked it up. Keep doing your thing Eclipse!!!

Mike West

An Environment Where Ideas Are Welcomed

Our corporate culture allows everyone to express themselves irrespective of their designation, as we feel a steady flow of ideas is mandatory for attracting crowds towards us. At Eclipse California, no question is undermined as we value everyone’s contributions. This also paves the way for healthy competition.

Kira Stenko

“Great interview process from start to finish! Probably one of the best interviews i've had since graduation!!! Everyone was professional and the environment was so fun and I loved how much they've grown since the pandemic hit, thanks again Eclipse.”

Kira Stenko

Opportunities Beyond Our Borders

At Eclipse California, your success will lead you to incredible adventures and opportunities to see the world. We acknowledge our cohorts' hard work by allowing them travel opportunities around the globe to take part in activities like regional training and national conferences. We believe that learning can take multiple forms and should not be confined to four walls.

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Eclipse California offers Business Management, Sales & Marketing Job Opportunities across Pasadena, Los Angeles, Torrance, Long Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Ontario, and the surrounding areas.

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