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At Eclipse California, we specialize in crafting unique outreach solutions in the home improvement sector to spark consumer interest and drive business growth. Our office culture nurtures the development of professionals who strive for excellence, always putting people first. Our campaigns are tailored to individual consumer needs, moving away from generic purchasing patterns and towards more personalized interactions.

Our Principles

Being proactive and passionate about our projects in the retail environment helps us stand out. Our focus has shifted to creating meaningful connections in the retail space, particularly within the home improvement industry.

Our approach to our retail sector

Our innovative campaigns incorporate several ideas that target an individual, rather than buyers’ general purchasing patterns.

  • Efficiency

    Our conversations are designed to ignite customer interest in home improvement products, striking a chord with our target audience.

  • Improvisation

    In the competitive retail market, we equip our colleagues to thrive through adaptability and creativity.

  • Excellence at all times

    Our commitment to quality remains unwavering as we continue to exceed expectations in the home improvement sector.

  • A zeal which amazes

    Our enthusiasm for each project ensures our clients in the home improvement market have a competitive advantage.


Business Management, Sales & Customer Service Job Opportunities:

We offer a range of opportunities in key California locations, including Pasadena, Los Angeles, Torrance, Long Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Ontario, and surrounding areas. These are the main areas where our current retailers are located.


Leadership Training:

Focusing on the retail and home improvement sectors, we provide extensive training to develop industry leaders.

Career Development:

Our team members enjoy a collaborative environment where they can grow professionally and personally, with opportunities for travel and healthy competition.

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Careers At Eclipse California

Though our associates at Eclipse California are driven towards a goal, we always find ample time to bond with our teammates and help them reach their full potential.

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