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Our Sports-Inspired Approach to Leadership.

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As we develop future Eclipse California leaders, we take a few important cues from the sports world. The world’s most successful athletes use pretty similar approaches, all of which feature key elements that translate to business leadership. Here are a few sports-inspired concepts we’ve used to make our training program a highly successful one:

  • The Power of Positivity: Having the right attitude is crucial for success in any endeavor. Great athletes are famous for visualizing winning outcomes, which allows them to stay positive going into every new challenge. We emphasize the same kind of approach for our newest associates, and those who have already achieved big things.
  • Clear Goals Are Essential: The best teams and athletes never go into a season vaguely hoping for good outcomes; they aim for specific targets. We do the same thing in the Eclipse California office. Rather than pursue general growth goals, we define exactly where we want to be, and when we want to be there. Doing so helps us stay motivated and track our progress.
  • Setbacks Are Learning Opportunities: Just like top-flight athletes, we use setbacks to improve our overall skill levels. The motivation we gain when we find a positive lesson in tough times is tough to beat.

We plan to keep developing strong leaders using sports-inspired concepts. Follow Eclipse California on LinkedIn to learn more about how we train our future frontrunners.